Host a Trick or Treat Potluck on Halloween


Here’s a fun idea to try the night you go Trick or Treating with your kids—host a Halloween potluck!  When Halloween falls on a weekday, the day gets really hectic. We spend the day working, running around with the kids, putting costumes together, maybe completing homework, and more! The last thing we want to do is make dinner before we take our monsters out, but we want to make sure that candy is not our kids’ main meal for the night.

Invite friends over before heading out and have everyone bring their favorite kid-friendly dish.  This ensures that your kiddos are bound to get something healthy in their tummies and let’s face it, it is more fun to trick or treat in a larger group.

If someone has to make only one thing they may be motivated to invest a little more time to make a Pinterest-worthy creation like these:

Host a Trick or Treat Potluck on Halloween

And if it is a cool night, you can always throw together chilli in the crock pot and offer some spiked hot cider to go for the grown ups. Does your family have any favorite Halloween traditions?


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