A Robot That Does the Dishes? Yes Please to Incredible New Tech by Vici Robotics!

This technology will actually revolutionize our home lives.

We just heard about a robot that can do your dishes and all we want to know is more. As moms, we are always excited about new apps, gadgets and smart home devices to make our lives easier, and a chore-doing robot sounds like the jackpot! Bay Area-based robotics company, Vici Robotics, is currently developing a robot that can do a variety of household chores along with washing, drying, and putting away the dishes.

Dishes are such a drag–as much as we love cooking meals for the family and baking cookies with the kids, there’s always this small feeling of dread in the back of our minds about the mess we’ll need to attend to afterwards. If a robot could take away that mental strain, we’d be so much more willing to make homemade meals in the kitchen and let the children help.

We wanted to learn more about Vici’s Robot (don’t you?) so we talked to the people behind the scenes.

Convenience Is the Name of the Game

Vici’s Robot will do chores any time, day or night. The mobile app lets you create a work schedule for the robot to follow, or you can just turn it on when you need it. The great thing about the mobile app is being able to adjust the robot’s schedule from anywhere. If you remember that you left dirty dishes in the sink after leaving for work, you can let Vici know and come home to a perfectly clean kitchen.

Vici’s Robot can pick up dirty dishes from the sink, place them systematically in the dishwasher, run the dishwasher, and then unload the dishes. It organizes the clean dishes into neat stacks them on the counter top. When the robot finishes working, it returns to its “home” location in the house and charges itself automatically.

With a robot to do the dishes, there is no need to argue about whose turn it is. Best of all, you can spend more time relaxing and hanging out with your family.

Learn more about the robot’s fascinating features on the Vici Robotics website.

This Robot Is Perfectly Designed for Homes

Roughly the size of an average person, the robot can reach all the way up to the counter tops and down into the sink. Its slim profile allows it to fit in between the kitchen counters and through all standard doors and hallways. It moves using soft rubber wheels and all-wheel drive, which prevent damage to every type of home flooring.

Its long robotic arm has the same range of motion as a human arm. This, along with its specialized hand covered in high-friction soft rubber, allows the robot to gently grip delicate objects and place them precisely where they need to go. Its sleek, white design reminds us of Apple and Google’s elegance and it fits in beautifully with the other modern home tech devices.

How Vici Robotics Works Behind the Scenes

Since the mechanics of doing the dishes vary so much from day to day, and from house to house, the robot needs a little help to make sure it accomplishes this task correctly each time. That’s where Vici’s operators come in. On day one, trained operators control the robot remotely using virtual reality headsets. They see through a small camera on the robot’s hand, which allows them to help the robot complete its chores correctly. Over time, the robot learns using artificial intelligence, and the human operator becomes less and less needed.

The camera on the robot’s hand also doubles as a security feature. It records everything the robot does and stores it on the app. The footage can be viewed in real time or watched later.


Vici’s Robots will appear in customers’ homes for the first time in 2021. You can pre-order one now through the Vici Robotics website. The robots are priced as an affordable monthly subscription service that you can cancel at any time.

To learn more and stay updated on the latest Vici Robotics news, visit their website or subscribe to their newsletter.


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