How I Reluctantly Became a Peloton Mom


During pregnancy, yoga and swimming kept me fit. Then we went into lockdown and the pounds crept on. I found myself dipping back into the bag of maternity clothes hiding in the back of my closet.

#PeltonMoms has 112,715 members. I never thought I’d be one of them, but four months into the pandemic here I am.

I haven’t bought into a diet or exercise fad since my twenties, preferring instead to mix it up with exercise classes, swimming, and walking. My husband, on the other hand, loves trends and technology. He’s been badgering me to get a Peloton ever since he tried one at a hotel a few years back. It’s always been a firm no from me, the bike alone costs more than I sold my last car for, and then there’s a monthly subscription on top. Besides, pre-baby, why would we want to sit on a stationary bike when we could ride real bikes around one of the most beautiful areas on the planet?

My husband persisted with the idea, and after listening to his rationale (it works out, with repayments over the course of only 18 months far cheaper than two Bay Area gym memberships, and who knows when they will reopen?), I reluctantly agreed. After a 10-week wait, the shiny new bike arrived.

I became an instant convert. I enjoy the interaction of live classes, the positivity of the upbeat instructors and the choice of classes (from HipHop to 90s Pop hits), but the reason it’s working so well is simply because it’s so convenient. There’s no excuse. I can hop on for 30 minutes if the baby is napping. I couldn’t go out for a run while the baby sleeps, but I can hop on the bike and off just as easily if he wakes up. I’ve felt my legs get strong and my cardio fitness improve in just four weeks.

A friend of mine who didn’t want the financial burden of repayments picked up a second-hand spin bike and uses her phone to stream Peloton classes (this still requires a Digital Membership that costs $12.99 a month).

I don’t think it’s the Peloton itself that’s made the difference, but rather finding a routine that works for me and some kit that comfortably fits in my small San Francisco home. The sense of connection with others in live classes has also been a big motivator and helped me to feel more connected to the world outside. Post-lockdown, I’m planning to keep the Peloton and skip the gym.

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Originally from the UK, Lynne moved to San Francisco from London in 2016. Her professional background is in marketing and she’s enjoyed working at companies such as Lufthansa and Twitter, but her real passion is travel. She caught the travel bug after college and has lived and worked in Australia and Germany before coming to the US. What started off as a temporary relocation resulted in her finding a home and starting a family in California. Able to explore beaches, National Parks, and mountains, Lynne thinks California’s kids are amongst the luckiest in the world and hopes to be back on the road soon, with baby in tow!


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