For many of us moms-of-little-ones, summer means not just extended afternoons at the park or pool, family barbeques, and tackling our kids to apply sunscreen, but also travel. And with the joy of watching your children revel in a...
With summer fun coming in hot, who doesn’t want a quick weekend getaway?   Before baby, my husband and I were always going away for the weekend.  We would even book trips only a couple days beforehand, and we could...
Memorial Day Weekend always makes me think about BBQ’s, cold beers, swimming, friends and camping trips! Now camping is not always my favorite thing, but I think if you have beautiful scenery, a group of fun family/friends, good food...
You may have all heard about the Zika virus by now! It is an infectious disease spread by a virus that is known to be carried and transmitted by mosquitoes, specifically the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus species. These mosquitoes have also been...

You need a vacation!

A friend of mine once gave me the advice to go on vacation alone with my husband after my son turned one. She told me it would be fun, good for my marriage, and would reunite us in the...

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