Month Two… this is such a fun one because baby is likely beginning to focus on you and smile back.  I cried and laughed at the same time when my daughter smiled at me for the first time (not...
As a mommy to be, I knew that a baby was going to introduce a lot of STUFF into my life , but figuring out what stuff I really needed was a challenge!  Baby registry checklists seemed ridiculously long,...
I recently had my first “real” playdate with my son. He is 8 months old and some may say I waited way, WAY too long.  Now two weeks in, with our first few playdates accomplished, I know for sure...


Ok, I know this is controversial.  Some women swear by this book/method and others can’t stand it.  I, personally, love Babywise!  I used this method with my first son, who learned how to eat and sleep happily through the...

Ode to the Sippy Cup

Oh sippy cup, sippy cup, you promised to be,  a leak-proof vessel, completely spill free, But somehow your liquid doesn’t stay put. It bubbles up over and spills on my foot, Or worse, on the cushions, carpet and tile. There goes my hope...

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