2020 Spring Care Guide

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COVID-19 Community Guide

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Join Us for ‘Virtual Storytime’ During Shelter-In Period

Introducing our Virtual Storytime series, where kids and parents across the San Francisco Bay Area can enjoy a good read together in the comfort of your own homes! All Virtual Storytime videos will be available on our Facebook Page and Youtube Channel.   You can join in the fun too! Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, kids […]

Our Debut as San Francisco Bay Area Moms!

Dear Moms, Welcome Home. Over 4 years ago, San Francisco Moms Blog was launched in order to create a community resource which would help connect moms in the city of San Francisco. 2 years after, we launched Mid-Peninsula Mom Blogs. Both sites have since experienced incredible growth and thanks to our incredible readers, we have […]

Join Us, Mama: Open Call for Contributors

We are looking for fresh and diverse voices to join a trust platform where ALL feel welcome. As we continue to grow and evolve, we are building upon our family and extending an invite to moms local to the San Francisco Bay Area! Become a Featured or Guest Writer Are you a San Francisco Bay […]

The Surprising Reason Toddlers Are Obsessed With Their Loveys


My youngest daughter is a “lovey” kid. If you have one, you know what I mean: the child who forms an early, seemingly random yet unwavering attachment to a toy or object that becomes an indispensable member of the family. If you haven’t turned the car around an hour into a trip to retrieve a […]

Aging Eyes in the Time of Corona


Do coronavirus-prompted Zoom meetings have you realizing that your eyes are looking…well, not as young as they used to? I am a plastic surgeon and I am going to tell you all about how to beat aging eyes. Topical Skincare Products Everyone always asks me what my favorite eye cream is. Well, if I ever […]

How I Reluctantly Became a Peloton Mom


During pregnancy, yoga and swimming kept me fit. Then we went into lockdown and the pounds crept on. I found myself dipping back into the bag of maternity clothes hiding in the back of my closet. #PeltonMoms has 112,715 members. I never thought I’d be one of them, but four months into the pandemic here […]

Freedom From My Phone


Our phones are our lives. Let’s face it: we are glued to them. When we are not texting, we are scrolling through emails, our social media feeds, or clicking “purchase now” on our favorite retail apps. We don’t keep magazine racks with magazines in our bathrooms for toilet entertainment; we bring our phones. Amazing how […]

How Storypod Can Revamp Your Child’s Bedtime Routine

Ever since we started sheltering in place, my daughter just has not been tired at bedtime. We have added “audio-time” to her daily routine to address this, and I just learned about a new product called Storypod that will be perfect for this. We are one of those couples who believe in early, set bedtimes […]

Keep Your Dog Safe Amidst the July 4 Fireworks


Since the pandemic hit, there has been a 700% increase in pet adoptions, and although it’s wonderful that so many pooches have a place to call home, new pet owners may be less familiar with how dangerous fireworks are for dogs and other animals. What is a spectacle to us is a nightmare to animals, […]

The AAP is in Favor of Sending Kids to School This Fall

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has announced that it recommends physical school for children this coming school year. The trusted organization claims that the benefits of being in a school setting far outweigh the minimal risks of contracting or spreading the virus. It has been a long, hot summer since schools nation-wide began to […]

The Pandemic, From a Grandma’s Perspective

Being a grandmother is a wonderful thing! During the recent trying times, I try to look for the positives and not to dwell on the negatives, especially when it comes to staying connected to my grandson, who is 2 and a half years old. Before the shelter-in order, we had been able to visit with […]

Coming Into the Clear That Is Age 4


We never had the terrible twos, but boy did we have a threenager. Year three is sort of when I found myself no longer able to be the mom I wanted to be, if I’m bold enough to admit it. It was during this year that I messed up and broke my personal no-yelling rule […]

2020 Summer Guide

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2020 Summer Guide

Your Family's Ultimate Guide to Summer Lovin' around the San Francisco Bay Area Garden Creamery Ice Cream  1. Make popsicles and ice cream sandwiches 2. Bake cupcakes 3....

2020 Spring Care Guide

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