Robin is a Bay Area native who spent eight years on the East Coast (college, journalism school and work) before returning to California with her husband Basil in 2007. She's the mom of a boy and two girls born in 2012, 2014, and 2017 and works as a freelance journalist when the kids allow. Exercise is her highly valued "me time," and in early 2016 she became a Bar Method instructor in Palo Alto.

How I Made Thousands of Dollars by Quarantine Cleaning

As the weeks ticked by under shelter-in-place, some people baked bread, some took up knitting and others staged elaborate photo shoots posing like famous paintings or dressing up as characters from “Tiger King.” I...

The Surprising Reason Toddlers Are Obsessed With Their Loveys

My youngest daughter is a “lovey” kid. If you have one, you know what I mean: the child who forms an early, seemingly random yet unwavering attachment to a toy or object that becomes...

My Kids Finally Know What I Do All Day

Until a few months ago, much of my identity was a mystery to my kids. Sure, they knew what I did with them, but they had very little clue what I did without them,...

Grandparent FaceTime Was a Disaster Until We Changed One Thing

It was the moment every Sunday afternoon I had come to dread. More often than not, I would be busy cleaning up whatever Category-5 mess my kids had created earlier in the day, and...

If Your Kids Believe in Santa, Here’s What You Need to Tell Them About...

Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, toys that come to life when their owners leave the house.  These are just some of the examples of magic my kids believe in,...

Not Everything Should Go Back to Normal

“Why haven’t we done this before?”  It’s a question I’ve been hearing from my kids, my friends, and my own brain almost daily since my phone stopped trying to auto-correct “coronavirus” and life as we...

How to Help Your Extrovert When Social Doors Close

Having a child who is a natural-born social butterfly is usually a blessing. These are the kids who instantly find their niche on any playground, can effortlessly pick up on social cues and just...

I Talk To Strangers About My Big Life Decisions, Here’s Why

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. Scarlett O’Hara’s famous line from Gone with the Wind has been stuck in my head recently. I have spent much of the past year weighing a...

Is It OK That I’m Texting Your Husband?

“My husband will handle it from here,” wrote the mom I had been emailing with discussing our respective daughters’ summer camp plans, “so no need to copy me anymore.” There were three of us...
woman watching tv

I Re-Watched The Breakfast Club as a Mom and Here’s What It Taught Me

A brain. An athlete. A basket case. A princess. A criminal. For those of us alive in the ’80s, that list is an unmistakable reference to the iconic film The Breakfast Club, and you’re likely...
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