Pauline Li

After spending over a decade overseas, Pauline was repatriated to the Bay Area in 2019 with her husband, a Bay Area native, and their son. Pauline grew up in Toronto and has held various corporate positions – from governance to marketing and public relations to brand management and strategy – in the themed attractions industry (the business of fun!). When she is not mom-ing at home and on SFBAM, Pauline enjoys traveling, photography, sports, music, going to the beach, and visiting theme parks.

Sweet, Sweet Valentine (Free Printable Activities)

My Sweet, Sweet Valentine You're Truly One of a Kind! My Happy, Happy Sunshine Will You Always Be Mine? Click HERE or click on the images below to download a FREE Valentine's activity kit!

You Know You are an Allergy Parent When…

I never thought I'd be dealing with anything beyond seasonal allergies with my offspring. Alas, here I am, with a child who is multiple food allergic and more experience with trips to the ER...

Everything People with Allergies Need to Know About COVID-19 & Its Vaccines

For those of us who have had severe allergic reactions and/or children who have severe allergies, we may find the news surrounding COVID-19 vaccines quite unsettling, especially with reports of anaphylaxis being reported among...

#MomsUnitedForCali: Supporting Small Businesses Affected by the Pandemic

2020 has been a whirlwind, but none of us have been more impacted and affected than small business owners and operators, especially here in California. Small businesses are the backbone of the entire state...

Top 10 Eco Gift Ideas for the Holidays

                  Want to find ways to give back to our Mother Earth this holiday season? Studies have also shown that every year Americans throw away 25% more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year's holiday...

The United Nations of Mom Circle and Playgroup

My son was born in Indonesia - the world's largest archipelago and fourth most populous country. To my husband and me, it might as well be a deserted island. We were in the midst...
Confessions of a 30's Mom

Confessions of a 30’s Mom

I became a first-time, stay-at-home mom in my 30's. I never really envisioned what my life would be like after becoming a mom, I simply went with the flow and did whatever felt right....

Jupiter Offers Out-of-This-World Personalized Grocery Shopping Experience

I recently tried out a new grocery delivery service called Jupiter, and now I’m hooked. Jupiter is not your average grocery delivery service - they are a re-imagined, bespoke concierge service for your essentials. Think...

Family Wellness Tips for Poison Prevention at Home

Now that we have entered into a new era where household hygiene is a top priority, poison prevention needs to be at the forefront as well. We need to ensure that we take the...

The Emancipation of the 49ers: the Faithful Rejoice

The Faithful can finally rejoice. For the first time since 1997, the 49ers were the top seed in the NFC and for the first time since 2013, they are back in the Superbowl. For my...
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