Michelle Corley Wing is a mom, visionary-leader, specialist, and champion for mental health and mindfulness. She helps families feel happy with healthy habits. She’s the author of Kid Moves (sold out 10K copies), a 3-book series for early childhood education. With 16 years' experience working with children and teens, she holds multiple yoga and meditation certifications. She founded, It’s Yoga Kids®, a globally recognized education system. She’s enlightened by the sparkling development of all youth. www.itsyogakids.com

Happy Holiday Health

Holidays bring their own energy. It’s a blend of excitement and joy often with overwhelm and even dread. To-do Lists are long and much falls on moms. Moms who are still navigating an ongoing...

Time to Be Grateful for Things Big and Small

Each year, in November, we call attention to the theme of gratitude. In my work with kids and their adults, I’ve heard the sweetest and funniest things to be grateful for because gratitude practice...

It’s Spooky Fun!

The whole week leading up to Halloween we will dress in costume and transform our yoga class into spooky fun together! Here’s what to expect: Pick a costume you can move in. We’ve seen...

Butterfly Fly Away

My eldest just went to college - finally - after the COVID crisis of last year. I’m lucky. I got a bonus year with her, right? Except, it didn’t feel like a bonus navigating...

The #1 Thing I Learned From My Granny

This month we celebrate Grandparents Day on September 12. Grandparents matter for many reasons. To name a few: unconditional love, perspective and presence. Interestingly, these are qualities we learn in yoga, too. Unconditional Love  Often, grandparents...

Facing Back-to-School Nerves

Back-to-School is an exciting and often nerve-wracking time for families. Anticipation mixed with nerves flows between kids and parents - often equally. It can be a cycle of comforting combined with crying - including...

Independence YAY!

Photo credit: Andrea McTamaney What is freedom? Like success, I wonder if beyond the dictionary definition, it’s up to the beholder of how to define it. With recent events like Juneteenth, Pride and the...

Why Dads Love Yoga

Dads do yoga! This may be a surprise because mostly moms do yoga. Women account for 72% of yoga practitioners and out number men 3 to 1. What brings dads to yoga and keeps...

Spring Cleaning: What Makes the COVID Cut?

Lately, I’ve been having this conversation with myself. It starts with the question, “Does this (whatever is in front of me) make The COVID Cut?” While it started simply with items in closets and...

Mothers. Ahhh . . . lone. Together.

Happy Mother’s Day! To be celebrated for one day is remarkable given everything moms do EVERYDAY! This video is my All. Time. Favorite! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSpv-_FdJVY How do you enjoy Mother’s Day? There are several ways to appreciate...
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