Laura is the founder of Merry Styling, a mom of two, and a former teacher who lives in San Francisco. She grew up in Columbus, Ohio and relished the changing of seasons because it meant revamping her wardrobe! After completing graduate school at The Ohio State University, Laura relocated to San Francisco, where she taught elementary school for nine years before having her two children Noelle (6) and Lucas (2). When her youngest was six months old, Laura started working as a stylist with jewelry and accessories company Stella and Dot. Since then, she has earned a Fashion Merchandising degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, styled with nonprofit Dress for Success, and done various merchandising projects for different retail organizations. Laura knows that style is more than clothing and accessories. She has found it to be an amazing confidence booster. Finding the perfect outfit on a bad day can turn it into a great one. She is especially passionate about working with moms Laura started Merry Styling because she wants to help other moms and anyone else who feels "left behind by fashion" to feel confident, empowered, and beautiful through personal styling, closet detox, and personal shopping sessions. Follow her at @merrystylingsf on Facebook, @merrystyling on Instagram and check out www.merrystyling.com for more!

Dolitttle: What To Expect In The New Movie

As a lifelong animal lover and die-hard Robert Downey Jr. fan, I jumped on the chance to see an early screening of Dolittle. I brought my husband, my eight-year-old daughter Noelle, and my four-year-old...
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How Is My Husband Acting Like He’s Dying from the Same Cold I Just...

It’s September. School has started again, which means the amount of illness-producing germs circulating around my house have multiplied tenfold. With a daughter in second grade and a son in preschool, it’s not my...

Back to School Fashion & Accessory Trends 2019

We are Nordstrom and Amazon Affiliate Partners. Happy August, moms! The final month of summer is upon us. While we are enjoying our last few weeks of extra sleep and unscheduled time, schedule an evening...
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I Don’t Want to Be Skinny Because I Want My Life to Be Big

(We participate in Amazon's Affiliate program.) When I was 13 years old I weighed 100 pounds (I’m 5’6”). I was, for a brief period, what people would call skinny. I counted calories, fat grams, and...
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Mommin’ in the City: 8 Wardrobe Essentials for Summer in San Francisco

This post is in partnership with Ambiance. Most women in San Francisco have heard of Ambiance. Whether you live or work close to Union Street, the Inner Sunset (Irving), the Haight, or Noe Valley, there...
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Time to End the Denim Drama

Ever since I was a freshman in high school I can remember coveting other people’s jeans. The way the thicker denim fabric made my friends' legs look longer, butts look better, and waists look...
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How to Wear Overalls Like a Grownup

We are a Nordstrom Affiliate. Overalls! As a mom of two, I don’t often think of them as an option. But they have been showing up on the runways and in stores for several years...
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Drop Your #MomBod Style Rules, 7 Body Positive Style Tips to Try Instead

If you search #mombod on Instagram, you’ll come up with 845 thousand posts. Among these, you’ll see the typical before and after shots of women who have obviously under-eaten and over-exercised to attain washboard...
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Valentine’s Day Style for Your Big Date Night (or Day)!

We participate in Nordstrom's Affiliate Program. Valentine’s Day is coming in a few weeks! That means it’s time to spend some special time with our loved ones. Whether you have a fancy night out planned...
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Three Feel Good Fall Looks for Pregnancy and How to Create Them at Home

Pregnancy. There is no other time in your fashion life when you want to have a feel-good style. Between the morning (aka all day) sickness, your growing body, and sleeplessness, a pregnant woman needs a mental...