Jennifer Lashua

Jen is a 15 year San Franciscan who migrated to sunny California from Erie, PA after completing an engineering degree at Penn State University. She is mom to two young boys, Leighton and Rhys, and has found the perfect work-life balance by continuing to pursue a career in digital marketing part-time while spending her “off” days dedicated to her sons. Jen is a distance runner, longtime yogi and amateur chef, passionate about developing a healthy and active lifestyle for herself and her family.
stroller runs in san francisco

10 Top Stroller Runs in San Francisco

Running with a little one in tow multiplies the logistical complexities of “going for a run” by about 100. There's scheduling around naptime, lunchtime, school time, potty time, and remembering not only your own...
indoor activities for kids

12 Things to Do When You’re Stuck Indoors With Kids

This past week has reminded us how lucky we are, those of us who have homes that are still standing, in the wake of the horrific fires here in northern California.  For families in...

A Quick-Start Guide to Running for Busy Moms [Printable Running Plans]

Running is a great sport for busy moms.  It can be done virtually anywhere, nearly any time of day, and packs a big “punch” in terms of fitness gained per minute of activity spent.   All...

How I Easily – and Joyfully – Lost the Baby Weight in a Few...

Son #1 made it easy to lose the baby weight, ten days post-partum easy. I would not wish this upon anyone, but the “secret” to my quick tone down was not sleeping. He never...
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