Jennifer Lashua

Jen is a 15 year San Franciscan who migrated to sunny California from Erie, PA after completing an engineering degree at Penn State University. She is mom to two young boys, Leighton and Rhys, and has found the perfect work-life balance by continuing to pursue a career in digital marketing part-time while spending her “off” days dedicated to her sons. Jen is a distance runner, longtime yogi and amateur chef, passionate about developing a healthy and active lifestyle for herself and her family.
butterfly kits

The Mess-Free, Lesson-Packed Magic of Butterfly Kits

We have been growing butterflies in our kitchen for the past 3 weeks.  At the advice of my sister (preschool teacher and mom of 3 kids under 10), we ordered a butterfly kit -...
perfect mom

Tapping into “The Professionals” in Our Lives

We call my sister “The Professional.”  Seeming to have really good answers to every question I’ve ever asked her about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, she’s been through it all with her own three kids. ...

Behind the Scenes at Touch a Truck (Happening This Saturday, April 21!)

My boys are SO excited for Touch a Truck this weekend!  All three of them: the toddler, the preschooler, and the one I’m married to. Why? Because Touch a Truck is quite literally a...
Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park: Top Things to See and Do with Kids

San Francisco has so many local treasures. Golden Gate Park is one of my favorites, especially now that I have children. Stretching three miles long and three-quarters of a mile wide, our city park...
sugar free easter basket ideas

How to Have a Sugar-free Easter

We are part of Amazon Affiliates. We are a minimally processed foods, no added sugar household, so holidays like Halloween and Easter can be a little tricky in helping our boys enjoy the holiday without...
uses for frozen breastmilk

What to Do with a Freezer Full of Breastmilk?!

I should have known this was coming.  It happened with son #1, so it shouldn’t have surprised me when it happened with son #2.  But it did.  Right around the 9-10 month mark, he...

The Many Benefits of Yoga at Home + My Favorite App

Learning to do yoga is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.  I started about ten years ago as an antidote to all the running I do, and, at the time, I...
children using iPads

How (and Why) I’m Raising Two Boys on Zero Screen Time

With the prolific availability and ease of use of all types of kid-centered digital entertainment in today’s world, I knew it would be difficult to keep it out of my boys’ lives. But I...
kids music entertainment san francisco

San Francisco’s Best-Kept Secret in Kids Music Revealed

Kids music classes abound in San Francisco. Lucky for us moms of toddlers and babies, we could take our kids to two music classes a day, seven days a week, and still not run...
easy self care

Micro-Relief from Holiday Stress

Why is it that “the most wonderful time of the year” usually feels more like “the most stressful time of the year” for many moms?  If you’re like me, December means not only Christmas...
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