Jennifer Lashua

Jen is a 15 year San Franciscan who migrated to sunny California from Erie, PA after completing an engineering degree at Penn State University. She is mom to two young boys, Leighton and Rhys, and has found the perfect work-life balance by continuing to pursue a career in digital marketing part-time while spending her “off” days dedicated to her sons. Jen is a distance runner, longtime yogi and amateur chef, passionate about developing a healthy and active lifestyle for herself and her family.

Holiday Handprint Keepsakes to Make the Grandparents Swoon!

  Every year, we’ve created handmade (or sometimes… foot-made) Christmas gifts for the grandparents.  And, I’ll admit, in part because I wanted a cute keepsake decoration, too! For weeks, I scour blogs and Pinterest for...
acadia denali

How Denver Convinced Me That I Really Do Need a 3-Row SUV

This post is in partnership with GMC. We only have two children, so technically speaking, we don’t need a 3-row vehicle. An average-sized car or small SUV accommodates two adults and two car seats. Sort...
christmas advent calendar

Local Activities and Surprises to Add to Your Advent Calendar

As we’re gearing up for Christmas this year, I am reminded of one of our most special traditions, our Advent Calendar.  There are many variations of an Advent Calendar. What I love about ours...
valuing diversity

How to Talk to Your Kids About Race

We were standing in line at a store when my inquisitive 3-year old stared directly at the woman behind us and loudly asked, “Mommy why does her hair look like that?” By “like that”...
pumpkin patches san francisco

Nicasio Valley Pumpkin Patch: Worth the Drive!

Yes, it’s a 40-minute drive (with no traffic), and yes, it’s out in the countryside without any of the conveniences we city families have come to depend on, but mamas ... YES, it is...
holiday stress

Why I’m Already Stressing Out About Christmas

This blog post is long overdue.  I have been stressing about Christmas since August. As back-to-school has set in and Halloween is just around the corner, the planner inside of me sees those as...
children's theater

Why Live Theatre is Great for Kids, Even Babies and Toddlers

I get strange looks when I tell people that my weekend plans include a theatre performance, with my kids.  For most, this conjures up images of screaming children being whisked up a dark aisle...
how to get kids to eat their veggies

How I Get My Kids to Eat (More Than) Their Fair Share of Veggies

Getting kids to eat vegetables is tough!  Yes, it is important to teach children to eat vegetables willingly, or at least knowingly, and I focus on this at home, too.  But they’ll never eat...

Lighting Up the Sky in Celebration of LGBTQ Families

  I can’t say I’d given the topic of children growing up in families with two mommies or two daddies much more than surface-level thought, wondering things like, “Are there books tailored for their families...
renting baby gear

Stop Lugging All That Baby Gear and Rent It Instead!

Have you ever been that parent … you know, the one who’s sweating profusely, pushing a mountain of kid stuff through the airport while leaving a trail of toys, blankets and food particles behind...
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