Jen is a 15 year San Franciscan who migrated to sunny California from Erie, PA after completing an engineering degree at Penn State University. She is mom to two young boys, Leighton and Rhys, and has found the perfect work-life balance by continuing to pursue a career in digital marketing part-time while spending her “off” days dedicated to her sons. Jen is a distance runner, longtime yogi and amateur chef, passionate about developing a healthy and active lifestyle for herself and her family.

A Nurse’s View Into a COVID ICU

On Nurse’s Day this year, I am even more thankful for and inspired by the work that my mother, Kathy Borowy, does as an ICU Nurse.  Thank you, Mom, for sharing...
social distancing

You Can’t Catch Coronavirus From a Smile

Over the past three weeks, I’ve noticed something new when I’m out for a run, a walk or a scooter stroll with my boys. Instead of a “hello” or a friendly head nod, the...

10 Things to Do With Your Kids While Practicing Social Distancing

School is closed for three weeks and moms are suddenly wondering, “what will we DO for three weeks with the kids at home?” My boys are still in preschool, so lucky for us, we’re...
monster trucks

Top 5 Tips for Seeing a Monster Truck Show With Little Ones

“I’d love tickets for the 3 PM Monster Jam show in Oakland!” is not a phrase I ever, not in a million years, thought I would speak. Yet with two truck-loving young boys and...

Coffee Roasting 101, Preschool Edition

Most of the time, people move about their days, doing their work and not paying much attention to who or what is going on around them. Adults are generally polite and sometimes even friendly...

We Are Not Skipping Thanksgiving This Year

'Twas the day after Halloween and all through the house, notes of “Jingle Bells” I heard sung right from their mouths! Sadly, this is a true story.  The Halloween sugar hangover was still in full...

How to Practice Respectful Parenting

I have long admired the work of parenting expert, Janet Lansbury. She’s somewhat of an idol to me—a calm, grounded, yet authoritative voice on supporting and enabling the growth of children. Her books and...
Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco

Top 5 Tips For Doing Fisherman’s Wharf Like a Local

If you’ve lived in San Francisco for a few years, you may view Fisherman’s Wharf as a tourist trap, a traffic snarl, a downright headache.  But, when well planned, a visit to Fisherman’s Wharf...

It’s Kitten Season! What You Need to Know About Adopting Kittens

We adopted two kittens last weekend, and I truly had no idea the joy they would bring to our family, nor the tenderness and sense of responsibility that would arise in my two boys...

A Train Lover’s Paradise: Riding the Rails to Sacramento

  For most of us, a train ride is a method of transportation, a means to an end. For my four-year-old son, a train ride IS the destination. A few days ago, he told us...
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