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Summer Bedding Ideas for Kids

It’s summer! The sun is blazing and the kids are playing. After dinner and a nice bath, it’ll be great to get in a clean, cool, and comfortable bed. We all know that...

3 Steps to Navigate the Private School Admission Season

Every spring, parents want to know the best way to prepare themselves for the fall private school admission season. And every spring, I offer the same advice. But before I offer this advice to you, dear...

How to Take Care of Your Garden During a Heatwave

Heatwaves in the Bay Area can be brutal, and it looks like we’re in for more in the coming years as temperature records are being broken across the board. Since summer’s coming up...

Homeschool is not Public School at Home, part 2

Editor's Note: This is part 2 of 2 posts. Read part 1 here. Books I was a bookworm when I was in grade school and college so I happen to appreciate traditional learning with books. Alas,...

Homeschool is Not Public School at Home, part 1

Editor's Note: This is part 1 of 2 posts. There is public school and home school, but home school is not public school at home.  When I started teaching my daughters at home, I had the...

Reuniting and Healing Families Following Divorce

SFBAM: Divorce is one of the 10 ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and can have long lasting traumatic effects on a child. How can educating divorced parents about the trauma  benefit children? GINGER: Our goal with...

Turn Your Home into a Science Laboratory

The one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 lockdown is coming up, and children have become restless. Although some of them have gone back to in-person classes, a large number of students continue to do remote...

Spruce Up for Spring: How DIY Projects Can Improve Your Mood This Season

Spring is in the air and it's time to begin tackling those spring projects you have been dreaming of. Flexing your DIY muscles will go a long way towards enhancing the function and look...

Play-Based Home Learning

Let’s check in. It’s been nearly a year since many schools have gone remote, and though some students are back to full-time in-person learning, many remain in hybrid models or full-time school-from-home. Current news...

6 Ways to Refresh Your Home

As we settle into 2021 and look ahead to greener pastures, the pandemic has made one thing more evident than ever before: Our home environments matter, and in fact, they play a major role...
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