Elisa is a loving wife and stay at home mom living in San Francisco's Telegraph Hill neighborhood. A proud sixth-generation San Franciscan, Elisa spent her early years in the Haight-Ashbury before moving to Mill Valley in elementary school. She studied Comparative Literature and French Language at USF, where she wrote her thesis on the origins of fairy tales. As a former dancer, Elisa loves to keep moving through running along the waterfront or practicing yoga. Along with being the Managing Editor here at San Francisco Bay Area Moms, Elisa also writes for POPSUGAR and FamilyEducation.
pediatric ed

Pediatric Emergency Department at Sutter’s CPMC Van Ness Campus Hospital Is Designed Just For...

I recently got the chance to tour the Pediatric Emergency Department (ED) at Sutter’s CPMC Van Ness Campus hospital and meet with its lead physician, Vincent Tamariz, M.D. Whether you have a toddler or...

Can We Please Stop Promoting Unsafe Sleep “For The Photo”?

The principles of safe infant sleep, which include never putting a blanket or stuffed animal in the crib, are becoming widespread common knowledge, but parents are still posting photos of unsafe sleep environments because...
Mother and daughter

I Gave Up My Dream Job To Stay At Home

When I was 15, I took a job at a summer camp. I only applied because I had a crush on the owner, and I had no idea that this would be a turning...
three girlfriends chatting and laughing over coffee

Why I Still Need My Friends Who Knew Me Before I Was a Mom

Last week, I was feeling low. My phone was broken and my best friend, Corinna, doesn’t have social media, so reaching out to her was impossible. But something really mysterious and wonderful happened.  My husband...
contents of a family fun box on display

How to Improve Your Quality Family Time with a Family Fun Box

This post is in partnership with Family Fun Box. My family and I recently tried out Family Fun Box and now I want to share our experience with you! We loved how the box we...

Should Kids Say Please and Thank You to Alexa?

We recently took the plunge and made our cozy flat into an official Smart Home. Alexa is my new BFF. She keeps me efficient, reminding me to buy toilet paper, and buying it for...
couple watching a smart tv

How a Smart TV Helped My Marriage

Recently, we canceled cable and purchased a fancy new smart TV. It felt so good to be rid of that giant monthly bill, and now my kid can watch Daniel Tiger on the “big...

The Hardest Part of Parenting Is Not Being Able To See Results Right Away

Recently, I had one of those rare moments where I actually got to see the fruits of my parenting labors. It was pretty amazing.  We were standing in a hotel bathroom in Greece when my...

5 Signs You Have a Threenager on Your Hands

Recently, I did something bad. Have you ever lost it with your toddler? That’s what happened to me right in the middle of the bedtime routine.  My three-year-old told me that she wanted to go...
sapling forest school san francisco preschool

Why You Should Consider Forest School Instead of Traditional Preschool

This post is in partnership with Sapling Forest Preschool. My three-year-old daughter, Kiara, recently attended Sapling Forest Preschool, located in the Presidio. I cannot say enough good things about her experience and the wonderful staff....